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Financial Management  

OBM offers a comprehensive suite of Finance and Accounting services that leverages proven technology platforms and standardized business process frameworks. OBMs services are based on industry best-practices, proven workflows and in-house proprietary tools that address the ever changing world of yachting. We provide owners with a comprehensive overview of the finances and anticipated cost of yacht ownership. This includes: 

  • Annual Budgets and Financial planning 

  • Preparation of monthly and annual financial reports 

  • Complete cash-flow control 

  • Monthly funding of vessel expenses 

  • Verification of invoices  

  • Payment of crew salaries 

  • Detailed verification of Captain's monthly accounts

  • Reconciliation of all debit and credit cards 



OBM has consistently been at the forefront, with innovative new services and the highest-quality operational procedures. Owners can expect their vessels to be managed on par with any five star hotel. OBM handles all aspects of administration and planning from crew placement and training to itinerary planning and vessel certification. All requirements of ownership will be overseen and completed so owners can maximize their enjoyment. 

  • Class and flag certification 

  • Vessel Insurance  

  • Crew placement, payroll and health insurance 

  • Yacht registration, purchase and sale documentation

  • Crew training and visa support 

  • Cruising permits, safety inspections 

  • Dockage and storage arrangements 

  • Shore side activity planning 

Technical Consulting


In working with Captains and Engineering staff in the selection of equipment and hiring of contractors our expert staff will help ensure all maintenance and repair work is done to spec and with complete regards to budget and cruising itineraries. OBM will oversee the planning and execution of your vessels periodic shipyard periods, planned maintenance schedules, refits and upgrades. 

  • Organizing vendors, contractors and shipyards

  • Handling warranty and insurance claims 

  • Scheduling and planning vessel maintenance 

  • Safety inspections and upkeep 

  • Determining and coordinating refit specifications

  • Negotiating of shipyard and refit contracts 

  • Oversight and monitoring of all shipyard work 

  • Inspection and acceptance of contracted projects 

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